We can give you a heads up!

The last weeks have seen the reputation of a number of companies in South Africa being tarnished by links to the Gupta network. It is not just the usual suspects any more (Eskom, Transnet, ,…) but even renowned international names such as KPMG, SAP, Software AG and McKinsey have been caught off guard by hidden ties within their networks and the related procurement & governance irregularities.

If you want to know if there is any Gupta risk hidden in your company ecosystem (suppliers, partners, clients, employees, investments,…), we can offer you a quick and comprehensive solution through our Inoxico Matrix tool and access to a proprietary database of entities linked to the syndicate.

We generally need 3 business days to give you a first report and the product provides you with a dynamic platform that incorporates further findings as the Gupta story unfolds.

Pricing ranges between R 49,900 and R 149,900 per exercise and depends on the number of entities you want to check for links.