Inoxico Matrix

Reveal, monitor and investigate Conflicts of Interest in your company's ecosystem


The Inoxico Matrix is a software-as-a-service application that reveals direct and indirect associations between employees and vendors based on directorships, family ties and other personal links.

  • Built in investigation workflow and methodology
  • Data cleaning and repository functionality for individuals and companies
  • Monitoring and alert functionality
  • Ultra-strong security features
  • POPI compliant
  • Only limited client data input required
  • Can easily be integrated with other vendor discovery and procurement solutions (SCNet, B1SA, Ariba,...)
  • Links to the Inoxico Core database of over 6 million companies in Africa



Systematic "Spend at Risk" Investigation

Systematically work through the high risk associations flagged by the Inoxico Matrix with the help of our algorithms and analysts to identify "Spend at Risk" of being affected by conflicts of interest. This is your shortest path to a solid return on investment.

Support Forensic Investigations

Use the tool reactively to support investigations into alleged or suspected wrong-doing in your company ecosystem. Are there associations that might easily explain behavior? The Inoxico Matrix enhances the effectiveness of any manual investigation or spend analysis system.

Proactive On-Boarding Checks

Load new vendors, clients and/or employees into the Inoxico Matrix to quickly identify risks - before spend has occurred.

Declaration of Interest Verification

Back your "DOI" process up with data driven facts. We can also offer a complete solution to take your "DOI" process 100% digital.

Vendor to Vendor Mapping

Check if vendors are really submitting independent bids or if there is collussion and fronting going on in your supply chain.


Realise Savings

Reduce costs by identifying ghost vendors, favoritism, P2P fraud and collusion before spend occurs

Enhance Corporate Governance

Reinforce your compliance and governance procedures and foster a culture of "trust but verify"

Provide Assurance

Prevent bribery and corruption & reinforce compliance with King 4, the Companies Act, PRECCA, PMFA & OECD Principles of Good Governance

Enable Transparency

Bring transparency to your supply chain and identify hidden dependencies in the face of harsher BBBEE/localization regulation



"As a company that places great value on good governance, transparency in the vendor ecosystem is critical for Siemens to protect its value chain and to safeguard its integrity. We chose to subscribe to the Inoxico Matrix based on its unique data access combined with its ability to support a number of activities in the compliance and procurement functions that deal with potential conflicts of interest. The tool and the associated service package has delivered real value to the business by identifying significant supply chain risks and by driving a positive dynamic in our corporate compliance culture."

— Gershon Monk, CPO of Siemens South Africa


“Inoxico’s software has made our supply chain relationships incredibly transparent, which has put us in a unique position to manage risk that we previously had no insights into. This gives us the satisfaction that our supply chain is now better managed than ever, especially in preventing fraud and corruption. Ultimately, this level of governance is highly valued by our shareholders, as it allows us to reduce procurement spend and ensures the integrity of our supply chain.”

— Deon Mocke, Chief Procurement Officer, AVI

“The Inoxico Matrix ‘software as a service’ solution allows Metorex to proactively protect its supply chain against untoward activities, and identify the risk of supply chain interruptions caused by suppliers’ financial problems or non-compliance.”

— Hendrik Landman, Supply Chain Unit Manager, Metorex

“The insights gathered from the Inoxico product suite combined with their ability to identify and assist in managing previously unknown vendor risks have been of tremendous value to our business. We are now in a position to actually mitigate the risk of fraud, waste and disruptions to our supply chain in an extremely proactive manner. This ultimately allows us to save a significant amount of procurement spend but equally contributing to the company’s overall competitive positioning.”

— Kervin Ali, Chief Procurement Officer, PPC

“Business partners can pose considerable financial and reputational risk to companies. This risk can be significantly reduced through the easily accessible intelligence that Inoxico Matrix delivers.”

— Prof Deon Rossouw, CEO of EthicsSA


"We’ve reviewed the graphics from phase one and I’m currently reviewing the matrix report. This is a good result and has confirmed a lot of information that we obtained during our investigations over the past 5 years. The Social Media exercise was particularly useful and has added a lot of value – so thanks for that. It was worth the wait."

 - Forensic Manager of a major petrochemical player in SA

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